A Fable of Preparedness


Thomas Clemente taught us a great lesson with this three minute read…(would three minutes be too much to invest if you discovered by so reading it might save you and your family?)

The Prophet Thadeous

Many years ago there lived a man by the name of Thadeous. He lived with his family in a fairly large and prosperous city. Being a trader, Thadeous enjoyed much of the wealth associated with property of the city. By some means Thadeous had been taught the principles of the Lord by his father and had been a good man in keeping the commandments.

As Thadeous was returning from a trading voyage, the Lord called him to be a prophet. The Lord told him that he must warn the people and call them to repentance. He told Thadeous of the great wickedness and sin that had come over the people. He was to teach his family first. As it was late when Thadeous returned home and his wife had retired, he decided to tell her about his vision in the morning. As dawn came he arose early and started to prepare the goods he had brought for distribution to the various shops throughout the town. He forgot, for a time, the vision.

Several days later a voice came to him and said, “Thadeous, tell your family about your calling and warn them of their sins, that they will be able to repent.” So Thadeous reported his vision to his family and explained to them his calling to warn the people of the city. His family thought this was exciting, but his wife explained that it would probably be better to wait until after the big celebration next week. The people would be more receptive to changing their ways after the festivities. As he arose the next morning, the thoughts of his business soon occupied his mind and hie forgot his calling. Later in the evening one of his children reminded him of his vision and he said, “Yes, I must go now.” He went to one of the local gathering places. The people had begun to liven their spirits in anticipation of the celebration. He agreed with his wife, it would be better to wait until after the holiday was over.

One more trading trip was planned which again took precedence over his calling. As Thadeous visited a trading area not too far from his town, he heard much talk about a man called Noah who was stirring up trouble by telling the people of their sins. Here Thadeous renewed his determination to call his city to repentance as Noah was doing. He wondered if they would be as angry with him as the people in Noah’s area seemed to be with Noah. As he was preparing to leave to return home, another trader came in with a report that Noah was now building a boat. Everyone laughed long and hard at this.

The next morning Thadeous recounted to his family the story about Noah. Thadeous said to himself that as soon as he was able to sell the goods he had bought he would do as the Lord had commanded.

Several days later as Thadeous had finished distributing the last of his goods and was preparing to go home, the Lord called again and said, “Thadeous, you have not warned these people as I have commanded, but tomorrow you must go to the neighboring town and there find the prophet Noah and do exactly what he tells you. Take your family and possessions.” “Yes, I will Lord,” said Thadeous, as he had several times before. When Thadeous returned home he told his family they must leave the next day and take all they had with them and visit the prophet Noah.

The next day it was raining and they all decided to leave as soon as it stopped.

LIFE LESSON: I GOT IT, DID YOU? TOMORROW I’m going to get my act together…


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